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Credit Repair Made Easy

Troubled by credit problems? Try these tips on fixing your credit.
Did you know that credit repair could be accomplished without outside help? Your local library may contain the books you would need to help you rebuild or repair your credit score.
To get started, you need to learn what your credit report says about you. You can gain this information by writing to each of the credit bureaus and asking for a copy of your own credit report. You can do this online by visiting or by writing to one of the three major credit bureaus.
Credit Report Bureaus to Contact
The following are credit bureaus. They hold on to reports of your credit history. Write to each for information on how to get your credit report.

Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA. 30374
Call Equifax at 1-(800) 685-1111 to order a credit report by phone. To place a fraud alert on your credit report with Equifax, call 1(888) 766-0008
Website address is

Trans Union LLC
Consumer Disclosure Center
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022
Website address is
Call Transunion at 1 (800) 888-4213 to only order free credit reports.

National Consumer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 949
Allen, TX 75013
Call 1 (888) EXPERIAN to order credit reports or place a fraud alert on your credit report.
Website address is

How To Review Your Credit Report
Be sure to read up on the directions for correcting your report. For example, if you find information that does not fit your true history, you simply need to write and contact the credit bureaus. Each of them has prepared instructions for reporting errors. If you find information that is not entirely correct, you can report this as directed and explain how it is incorrect.
If there is something that you are not familiar with, ask the credit bureau to give you the name, address and number of the institution that may be giving a false report. You may be able to sort it out and fix your credit further.
After all this information has been corrected, submit it to the designated credit bureaus. Be sure to keep a copy of this information for yourself as well for your own records. If anything should get lost in the mail, you’ll be able to make a quick copy and submit it.
You Don’t Have To Repair Your Credit Alone
That’s how easy it is to actually repair your credit report, though even this process may be overwhelming. If you find that you are nervous about going through the process of credit repair alone, you may ask for assistance. Credit repair companies are available and for a small fee they can assist you with your credit repair.
If you choose to try a credit repair company, do be sure to check out the company before forwarding any money. Check to see if your credit repair company is registered and bonded as a credit service organization. You can check with the secretary of state’s office to be sure. Always check that a credit service is registered before getting involved with or paying any company.
No one should have to suffer with a poor credit score, when it is simple to get back on track with a few easy repairs. You don’t even have to go at it alone. There is always help available when you need it.

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